Wilfred’s Siblings

Wilfred born 25 July 1896 in Willington had two brothers and two sisters; Ethel born 13 October 1890 in Newfield, Pelton, Arthur born 1892 in West Pelton, Irene Josephine born 24 Feb 1898 in Willington and Bertie born 18 November 1899 in Willington.

Ethel married Wilfrid Adolphus Martin in 1913 and had two daughters, Renee in 1915 and Jenny in 1919. The family lived in Whitley Bay and later in Hexham. Ethel died, I believe, in 1973. I am not sure when Wilfrid died. Renee married Joss Atkinson in 1938. He died in 1997 but I do not know when she died. They had at least one child, Maureen born in 1939. Jenny married John Telfer a farmer’s son in Hexham in 1942. She died in 2006, he died in 1990. I think they had two daughters.

Arthur is a bit of a mystery. I was told that his wife was called Peggy and I have found a marriage in 1920 to a Margaret A Barton but I cannot find him in any records with Peggy or Margaret. I think he may have died in 1968.

Irene Josephine was baptised on 27 March 1898 at the Wesleyan Methodist Church in Willington. The only one of the siblings I have found such a record for. She married William Brown in 1921.I believe she had two children, Ethel born 1922 and Kenneth born 1927. She died in 1982.

Bertie married Georgina Margurita Gates in 1921. Two children were born of this marriage, John known as Jackie in 1922 and Mary in 1923. Bertie died in 1950.



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